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       Frustrated at the sports scene in DC? Jealous of your friends in St. Louis, Dallas and New York? So read on and let off some steam!

     Have you ever met a Wizards fan? I dare you to stand on the corner of M St. and Wisconsin Ave. and find one. I’m not even from the United States, and after living in DC for the past four years I’m a die-hard Thunder fan. I love the vibe at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Yep, I’ve even been to Oklahoma City

        Even as a proud Hoya, for the past few years DC basketball has really hit a slump. Other than the one time I got John Wall to autograph a basketball, my adventures at the Verizon Center have always left me wanting more. Did you know that the last time the Wizards won anything was in 1978 when they were still called the Bullets? Even Michael Jordan couldn’t redeem the most embarrassing team in NBA history.

        Let me get DC United out of the way. MLS still has a long way to go. In a league that has only existed for less than twenty years, United won four times. Not bad, except for that other than their ‘recent’ 2004 win, all their victories were in the 90s. Also, remember when they drafted then-fourteen-year-old Freddy Adu in 2004? He was the youngest athlete ever signed in American sports history, and after three seasons scored a mere 11 goals (yeah, take that Man City Robinho haters, there are bigger disappointments out there!)

        According to Forbes, the Redskins are the second most valuable NFL franchise, and the highest grossing team. It’s nice to see that DC fans have such hope for a team who won three Super Bowls, most recently XXVI. Good at numbers? That was in 1991. OK, sports aren’t all about winning, playing a beautiful game, good sportsmanship and having a generally kick ass team are all very important factors. Yet, Clinton Portis as a running back? I would’ve been pretty excited in 2002. Not to mention that Dan Snyder is pretty much the most incompetent businessman in the NFL, $50 million dollar loans every year? That’s a lot of unnecessary debt for such a profitable team.

     What else hurts in DC sports? Well, us Caps fans are still licking our wounds after going down to the Rangers in the seventh game. Seventh! So close, yet so far away. I’m not going to be too harsh on them, while they’ve never been Stanley Cup victors they are the only team that can fill up the Verizon Center. DC really believes in the Capitals, and not only because Ovechkin is the man. This season alone, all players but two contributed goals. Baron Holtby is a wall (94% saves, what?!) and Karl Alzner is as underrated as a player can get.

     So while you’ll probably spend most of your life in DC wiping away the tears, DON’T LOSE HOPE. Can you imagine how exciting a big win would be? Skinnys at the Super Bowl? RG3 is coming to town, so our dreams could come true! Fresh off the Baylor roster, Robert Griffin III brings new energy into the district (along with his Heisman). So between RG3 and the ice cream you can eat out of a plastic ball cap at the Nats stadium (reason alone not to criticise the team) DC is in for a ride. And hey, if our new quarterback doesn’t work out, DC has a great bar scene, where you can go to drown away the memories staring at the Hogettes


Written by intern supreme Rebecca Fischer.

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